Foresight Ecolodge & Safari – Ol Doinyo Lengai

Next milestone in our school project

We have already started building our own school.

In order to complete the first school infrastructure in a timely manner, so that we can hopefully welcome the first pre-schoolers in a few months, we are once again dependent on your help!

We appreciate every donation, because every euro helps. The non-profit organisation WATOYO Tanzania e.V. is our reliable partner in Germany and collects the donations for our project. As WATOYO Tanzania e.V. does not charge any fees for administration, advertising or bank transfers, 100% of the donations actually reach our project. And we also bear a significant proportion of the costs through the income from the Foresight Lodge. By the end of April 2024, we had more than doubled the donations received. The donation is doubled, so to speak, and the amount donated can also be deducted from the tax burden by means of a donation receipt (mandatory in Germany, at the discretion of the authorities in other EU countries). That’s powerful support, isn’t it?

Please make sure to select “I donate for:” 02_Foresight School in Karatu.

Thank you for your powerful support! Together we can make a difference for the better.

Foresight Ecolodge & Safari – Anita Vogler
Foresight Ecolodge & Safari – Anita Vogler
Foresight Ecolodge & Safari – Anita Vogler
Foresight Ecolodge & Safari – Anita Vogler

Future Vision of Foresight

Since the idea to found our lodge originated in a primary school in Tanzania and education is, in our opinion, an essential key out of poverty, Foresight’s future is focused on building and running its own school.

When it comes to directly supporting a government school with in-kind and monetary donations, our hands are severely tied. It is not possible to track the money exactly, and we have no rights in the organization or management of the school. In addition, in the course of two years of cooperation with a primary school, we have experienced and learned where operational and structural changes need to take place. This is only possible with a self-owned school.

The Own School

Our idea of a suitable school system for the children in Tanzania is based on the Montessori principle. We want to maintain and foster in the students an independent motivation for learning by encouraging them to become active themselves and to work out their strengths. Education should be holistic and our goal is students who are open-minded, confident and able to think outside the box. Our school program will be tuition-free and will predominantly benefit children from (for the region) particularly pronounced poverty. In order to have fun and energy in the school day, a healthy diet is essential, which means that we will provide a balanced lunch for students and teachers. Furthermore, it is very important to us to hire good teachers with the appropriate skills and foresight. We want the teaching profession to have the prestige that this important profession deserves—we want our teachers to be role models for the students and the surrounding community. Because we want to make a lasting difference!

Milestones in our School project so far

Please select 02_Foresight School in Karatu under “I donate for:”.

100% of all donations will reach the project. Thank you for your donation! Together we can make a difference for the better.

Foresight Ecolodge & Safari – Ol Doinyo Lengai

Like our lodge, our school will combine the traditional with the modern. Our students do not need a school from the “glossy catalog”. The school may become a second home for the students, a home that combines the familiar and cozy with progressive learning content and above all with a lot of warmth!

Driven by the enthusiasm for the country and its people and supported by the vision of an own school for children from difficult backgrounds, this eco lodge with a social orientation was brought to life.

Business Created to Support People

Anita and Ernest are founders and managing Partners of Foresight Eco Lodge & Safaris.