Experiences in meeting people in Tanzania

by | March 7, 2022

Some people are afraid of meeting people in difficult circumstances. They worry that they would feel bad, that they couldn’t “handle” it. I thought the same thing at first. However, and fortunately, the experience I had was quite different. I was surprised by the charisma of the needy people in Tanzania, they seemed very content despite the difficult circumstances, they are approving, accepting what is. The people I visited—and there are quite a lot of them by now—were happy about the visit, about the interest and about my amazement. Just the pure interest in these people is beneficial for them, because they realize that they are seen and taken seriously. All the people I visited were very friendly and gave me a warm welcome. Especially the visit to the school was a real pleasure. The mood of the students was always very good and it was contagious. They were competing to see which classroom I should go to. Visiting the school is really a very joyful event.

And of course it did something to me: the various encounters opened my heart, touched me, made me more humble and grateful for the fullness in my life. And yes, it was a pleasure to give away a little of my abundance and support others with it and make them happy. I did not feel bad, on the contrary. Already I have made a difference, I have given interest to people and pleasure and new knowledge to myself.