Foresight Ecolodge & Safari – Ol Doinyo Lengai


My name is Ernest and my home is the one of the elephants, because I was also born in the wild: in the highlands of the Ngorongoro area. I am humorous and cheerful, and I love the nature. I have been working in the hotel industry for many years. I like to make my guests laugh by imitating different sounds of wild animals. That is why I am often called Ernest-Digidigi (african dwarf antelope). 

Working in the hotel industry is a great fit for me because I love spending time with people, communicating and learning from the experiences of others. I am very interested in foreign countries and cultures; I like to listen to the guests’ stories and to entertain them with exciting stories from Tanzania, too. I love the guests—the guests love me
In the last 14 years I worked as a supervisor and local guide for a hotel in Karatu. Here I was able to gain a lot of valuable experience, and many great people have accompanied me along the way.

Although I have always felt very comfortable with my former employer, I have left the company in December 2021, after so many years of association. Now the time has come to follow my own vision and focus more and more on deep work in society. My goal is to support society and give people the chance to grow—and to inevitably grow myself in the process.

This is why we founded Foresight Eco-Lodge & Safari. My core values are peace, connection, experience and empowerment. All of which I will give wholeheartedly to bring our vision to life.

Foresight Ecolodge & Safari – Anita Vogler
Foresight Ecolodge & Safari – Anita Vogler
Foresight Ecolodge & Safari – Anita Vogler
Foresight Ecolodge & Safari – Ernest Challangi

Anita about Ernest

I met Ernest in the course of our trip around the world. Our family stayed a few nights in the lodge where he worked at the time. He took very good care of us and always made nice suggestions about what we could do. The visit to the school, which I later supported with donations and helping hands, was also arranged by Ernest. Also the idea to support needy families with an own cow came from him. Ernest is open, fundamentally honest and has a sharp mind, as well as a very good knowledge of human nature. All these qualities are absolutely necessary for the work at the Society. In addition, Ernest has a deep knowledge of the region and the Society in Tanzania.

Pretty soon it became clear to both of us that we wanted to get involved in the Society together. Through Ernest’s passion for tourism and my extremely positive experiences while working with school, the idea for our lodge was born. It serves as an economic basis for our social projects (such as our own school for children from needy families) and combines tourism with social commitment.

Without Ernest, none of what we do here would have been possible. I am happy and grateful to have Ernest as a business partner by my side. We are a super team and very confident that our project can really make a difference and change things.