Created to Support People

Created to Support People

Foresight Ecolodge & Safari – Three Cottages

experience something very special

As a guest in our lodge you can experience wild animals on safari, the bushmen at Lake Eyasi or the happy children in a school. You can come to relax, to experience, or to get involved with helping hands in the society. Foresight Eco Lodge offers a variety of opportunities for open-minded people.

Driven by the enthusiasm for the country and its people and supported by the vision of an own school for children from difficult backgrounds, this eco lodge with a social orientation was brought to life.

Foresight Ecolodge & Safari – Anita Vogler
Foresight Ecolodge & Safari – Anita Vogler
Foresight Ecolodge & Safari – Elephant butt
Foresight Ecolodge & Safari – Anita Vogler

Welcome to Our Eco Lodge

Our lodge is located in one of the most exciting and thrilling areas of Tanzania! After a day full of extraordinary impressions, you can sit back and relax, enjoy the nature and the view with the best food. During the construction of our lodge we have combined the traditional with the modern, and we think we have succeeded quite well. The top priority was always that it is cozy and our guests feel completely comfortable!


The charming, round bungalows with a roof of palm leaves and a magnificent view are the perfect size for two to three people. Built with handmade local bricks, the sustainable bungalows are nevertheless elegant, simple and clean inside. The bathroom is tasteful with natural stones, wooden vanity and chic sinks. Showering pleasure is guaranteed with the large shower head.

Family Tents

Families or larger groups will feel very comfortable in our family tents. They are each a large tent with all the comfort you could wish for. A beautiful bathroom with modern shower, a “cozy” toilet and three very comfortable beds. The tents are separable in the middle. The large terrace with a view of the Ngorongoro jungle invites you to relax and enjoy.

Honey Tree House

Quietly and privately hidden in our small eucalyptus grove is the brand new and romantic Honeymoon Tree House. It is a modern and natural combination of tents, lots of glass and the natural Zanzibar grass. A beautiful wooden floor completes the romantic pleasure.

Honey Box House

Our style combines naturalness with modernity and a few special features may not be missing. This is also the case with our new and unique Honey Box House. It is absolutely perfect for happy honeymooners and sweet stays for lovers !

Tiny Houses

Proudly and excitedly we present our two cute Tiny Houses. The little houses have it all: toilet, hot shower and two comfortable single beds. Let’s glamp!

What Our Clients Say About Us

You’ll get …

Free Wifi

Insights into the Local Society

Free Drinking Water

Safari Offers

Full Board

Sleeping under the Stars

Activities & Experiences

We know many ways to make your heart jump, according to your individual wishes and needs. We create a win-win situation for you and the society while still allowing for wonderful safaris, relaxation and enjoyment at our beautiful Eco Lodge. Take the chance to come into real contact with the society, experience unforgettable things and perhaps “enrich” yourself by giving. 

Go on a Safari

Get in Touch with People

Relax in the Lodge

These are just a few examples. In addition to safaris, we offer you one-day or multi-day excursions to the most beautiful sights in northern Tanzania. Also activities like a dinner with a local family, a visit to a traditional market and much more.

Make a Difference

Just by spending your stay in Tanzania at our lodge, you are helping the community. For example, we invest our profits in the building of a new school for children from difficult backgrounds. We offer our team permanent employment and pay fair salaries. With our cow program, we help families to take care of themselves. Did you know that with just $28, you can provide a student’s lunch for an entire year? There are many more ways to make a positive difference in society during your journey.

Hello, we are Anita and Ernest, founders and managing directors of Foresight Eco Lodge & Safaris. We met at the hotel where Ernest previously worked. We both love discovering new things and making a difference for the better. We are as different as our skin colors, but at our core we hold the same values and the same vision fulfills us and drives us. Both the differences and the same focus are reflected in our lodge. We combine the modern with the traditional, give and get ourselves, experience and relax, follow proven paths and still paths and try new things. Curious? Find out more about us and our vision …